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10 Best Proven Methods For Quitting Smoking

mind trickThe New Year is upon us and with all the New Year’s resolutions to quit smoking, now is the time to see how the resolutions are working. While many individuals make the goal to quit smoking for good to start the New Year, many actually fail early in the attempt for a number of reasons. Smoking is a disgusting and harmful habit that many individuals still do. The research on smoking and the health implications are astronomical to say the least. With that said, why do people still smoke? Ok, so maybe you stopped smoking per se and have now switched to vaping. Isn’t this a “healthy” version of smoking? After all, you are not ingesting the harmful chemicals that are known carcinogens contained in cigarettes. Well, recent evidence shows that even vaping is harmful for your health and the truth is the nicotine you ingest plays bad tricks on your mind and causes your mood to be up and down. When it comes down to it, quitting smoking and nicotine is something you need to successfully do as soon as possible.
Listed below are the 10 best and proven techniques for quitting smoking. Use these tips to help aid in your journey to a clean and healthy life.

The Top 10 Best and Proven Methods For Quitting Smoking

1. Use your Mind to Trick a Craving
Cravings can occur at any time and usually a trigger starts it. One great way to stop your smoking habit is to trick your mind into thinking that each cigarette is making you sick with each puff. What is even better is to stop when you have a cold because when you start to feel better and heal from your cold, you see the results of what being a non-smoker can do for your health. While not everybody can win the battle of mind tricks to quit smoking, it is a top method for stopping and it is a simple and cheap way to win.

financial gain

2. The Financial Gain from Quitting
This can go a number of ways for you, but the instant gain you will notice when you quit is in your wallet. The price of cigarettes is sky-rocketing because of taxation by the government. As a result of higher taxes on cigarette companies, the prices per pack go up. When you stop quitting, you should calculate your savings. Were you a half a pack per day person? Ok, this is 3.5 packs per week. If you spend about $6.00 per pack, you are saving yourself $21 per week and $84 per month. Use this money in different ways. Save the money you would be spending on smokes and use it to purchase a massage, new clothes, or something positive and healthy. Any positive incentive to help you quit smoking is an important incentive.