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10 Best Proven Methods For Quitting Smoking

cold turkey3. The Cold Turkey Method

It is one of the oldest methods for quitting smoking and there is a wide debate as to whether or not this method works. First of all, you need a motivating factor to guide your Cold Turkey methodology. Second, it will only work if you are disciplined to do this. The truth is, less than 10 percent can effectively quit cold turkey, so be cautious if you are a first time quitter. If you want to boost your chances of being successful at quitting, consider substituting your bad habit for a good one. Some experts say that when you feel a craving coming on, you should substitute a glass of water for the act of smoking. Not enough stimuli? Consider a healthy walk with a friend or your dog and take the time to breathe in the good outdoor air. You are making a healthy choice by fighting the cravings.

other forms of nicotine

4. Use Other Forms of Nicotine
While this method is not usually recommended for everyone, use this under the guidance of your doctor or qualified healthcare provider. Using a nicotine replacement such as nicotine gum or the patch is an effective way to slowly reduce the cravings to smoke and over time, your body no longer craves the habit to smoke. Again, do this under the guidance of a healthcare professional and your success will await you. While the replacement therapy can be effective for eliminating cravings, it does not destroy the habit of actually smoking. The individual will need to prevent the triggers from winning the battle; otherwise the therapy will not be successful and your expensive attempt to quit will be costly.