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10 Best Proven Methods For Quitting Smoking

professional help5. Seek Professional Help from Experts and Medical Professionals

Your doctor cares about your health and is there for your needs. This is why you should contact your doctor the moment you want to stop smoking. You can be referred to a number of programs if your alternative therapy and aids to not win the battle for you. The truth is it is hard to quit smoking and breaking the habit is the majority of the battle. Finding programs that specialize in your efforts is one of the best ways to quit and more than 38 million American adults have been successful in using these programs. In addition, you are likely to find other individuals in your program that can be a shoulder to lean on when you need help and an ear to listen. If you are looking to stop smoking in the near future, consider asking your doctor about some of the best programs around to help you quit.

quit with someone

6. Quit with Someone Else
If you are dating, married, or have a close friend who smokes as well, the studies suggest that you both should quit. Quitting smoking together is a powerful tool that can not only get you to effectively quit the dirty habit, but it can help to strengthen your relationship. When you consider those who quit Cold Turkey (less than 10 percent are successful), the buddy method can help increase upon those numbers, sending you both closer to 10 percent success rate. Men are especially at better chance of quitting when a companion joins in their attempt, which goes to show that even the toughest of men still need a helping hand in a tough battle.