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10 Best Proven Methods For Quitting Smoking

throw away7. Throw Away and Clean Everything Affected by Your Smoking

Your smoke smell will linger in your clothes and your carpet will have a smell. Once you quit, your nose will pick up many smells that you never noticed before and soon you will notice just how disgusting smoking really is. Clean your house and belongings in the days after you quit. This will be a way to cleanse your life and start new with everything. You can even avert your thoughts in the weeks ahead to cleaning at home when you notice a craving or trigger.


8. Visit Someone Who Has a Tracheostomy in the Hospital
If you want a true experience that will enlighten your dirty habit, consider visiting someone who just had surgery for a tracheostomy. This is a hole in your trachea, or your windpipe, that is surgically created due to a journey of smoking. Wait, this is for the heavy smokers though and you are a “light” smoker. No, this is not the case and actually a tracheostomy can occur in anyone who smokes. Visiting someone who just had this surgery is terrifying for current smokers. In the first few days after the procedure, the individual cannot speak and must learn new ways to communicate. In addition, you realize upon seeing this that you will never hear your beautiful voice ever again because you will be using a voice box to assist in your speech patterns. While it is sad when people have to go through this ordeal, just understand that at least they are alive.