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10 Best Proven Methods For Quitting Smoking

eliminate stimulants9. Eliminate all Stimulants for Two Months

The experts suggest that when you quit smoking, you should consider going to decaf coffee for the time being (two months) to prevent the jitters. Coffee and cigarettes used to wake you up and then calm you down to a point to where you can get your day going on a good foot. Now that you quit smoking, you could easily get the jitters from the influx of caffeine. Switch to decaf to let your body adjust to normal life and since caffeine is related to nicotine, consider eliminating this sometime down the road in your life as well.

source of motivation

10. Have a Source of Motivation
If your source is a wife, husband, mother, father, or for your kids, use it. An effective way to quit is to go in and have a physical exam, but the caveat is to have your blood pressure measured right after you have smoked a few cigarettes in that morning. You may notice that your blood pressure is through the roof, which could lead to a stroke. Not intrigued by a stroke? Just remember that cerebrovascular events (also known as a stroke) are the leading cause of substantial physical disability in the United States. This not good enough for you? Consider what would happen if you had a massive stroke or heart attack as a result of your years of smoking and you die. Your spouse would be a widow and you kids will no longer have you in their lives. Just remember that your habits affect others and can be a game changer for those who love you the most.