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10 Natural Therapies for COPD

deep breathing

3. Deep Breathing

COPD is a disease of the lungs and breathing tends to be pretty difficult and labored for individuals with the condition. While normal, everyday breathing is challenging for this population, it virtually underscores the importance of practicing breathing. In order to effectively deep breathe for COPD you will need to be in a seated position, sitting tall, and with your hands on your thighs. Start by inhaling slowly (for at least five seconds) and to the point to where you can no longer take in any more air, hold this breath, and slowly exhale out through the mouth slowly (over about seven seconds). This slow and deep breathing ensures that your lung tissues oxygenate cells in the body and it helps to train the muscles around the lungs to help with breathing. Do this at least two times every day for best results.

cut the smoke

4. Cut the Smoke
This may be one of the most natural things you can do for you and your health, since smoking is a major factor in the disease. Smoking gets a bad rep for a plethora of conditions and for good reason. The smoke from all forms of smoking (even the e-cigarettes) diminishes the cell size and space in the lungs, to which the organ simply cannot function any more. When this happens, COPD sets in and the first thing you should do is stop smoking if you have been, regardless of how long you were a smoker. Consider discussing options to quit smoking with your doctor if you are looking to stop.