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10 Natural Therapies for COPD


7. Exercise

Exercise is something that should be a part of every individual’s daily life and while there are circumstances that prevent individuals from going daily, there are great health benefits to being active every day. For individuals with COPD, exercise is a critical and natural remedy and therapy option, even though regular exercise may be a challenge. With proper exercise, the body trains the lungs to oxygenate blood for the entire body and over time, this tends to be a therapy option of choice for the COPD population. Consider performing cardiovascular exercise every single day and try to reach 30 minutes of total cardio exercises daily. If 30 minutes at one session is too much, you can break this into three bouts of ten minutes spread out throughout the day.

vitamin d

8. Vitamin D Supplementation
We get most of our nutrients every day from our diets, at least we should. Many individuals with COPD tend to be low in certain vitamins, with vitamin D being the leader in this category. There are a number of reasons as to why someone with COPD is low in vitamin D with the primary reasons being a lack of natural sunlight and age. While we cannot control our age and the sun can be bothersome for some individuals, a little vitamin D supplementation can be a great way to help improve your symptoms. Researchers have suggested that greater levels of vitamin D tend to be associated with a greater lung functioning, which bodes well for COPD.