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10 Natural Ways To Prevent Diabetes

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Diabetes is a disease that affects over 24 million Americans and even though medicine has been crucial for treatment of the disease, alternative medicine can be a great way to help manage the disease. Considered a disease of the body’s metabolism, diabetes can lead to heart disease, metabolic syndrome, and an increased risk for premature death. With that said, alternative ways to treat, manage, and prevent diabetes is something that is within reach. Listed below are 10 helpful ways to help prevent diabetes. Whether you are pre-diabetic or have healthy glucose levels, consider the tips below to help prevent this lifestyle disease from affecting your body.

1. Physical Activity
Diabetes usually occurs as a result of the body’s insulin not working efficiently, which is called insulin resistance. When the body experiences insulin resistance, more insulin is released in order to get sugar into the cells of the body. As a result of endless amounts of insulin released, the mechanism that controls sugar stays in disarray, causing type II diabetes. Physical activity can help prevent this from happening altogether. The energy that is used during exercise helps to rid the sugar from the blood, but more importantly, the body generates insulin protein receptors on muscle cells to help aid insulin. This improvement in insulin sensitivity is important for those who are healthy and those who are pre-diabetic. Consider getting at least 30 minutes of brisk, moderate physical activity to help prevent diabetes from getting to you.

2. Strength Training
Similar to physical activity above, strength training is needed to improve insulin sensitivity. Sensitivity to insulin means less insulin is needed to transport glucose into the cells of the body. This creates ample energy and helps to keep the body moving. Consider strength training at least two times per week and make sure to hit every major muscle group to maximize results. For better gains in strength and hypertrophy in the muscles and for improvements in insulin sensitivity, consider strength training at least three times per week.