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10 Natural Ways To Prevent Diabetes

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3. Dieting

Nobody enjoys to have restrictions in life and it can be hard to tell your body “no” when it comes to eating something sweet or tasty. This is something that healthy adults and pre-diabetics need to practice in order to prevent diabetes. Dieting to prevent diabetes should include eating portions that are not too large, not too sweet, and do not cause glucose spikes after eating. Eating food that is low on the glycemic index is important to prevent diabetes and consider eating more fruit and vegetables with every meal or as a snack for great health. Be mindful that too much fruit can cause the blood glucose to rise due to the abundance of sugar in fruit.

maintain weight

4. Maintain Body Weight
Obesity can cause many metabolic problems, as well as heart disease. While all obese individuals do not have diabetes, being obese significantly increases one’s risk for having diabetes and high blood sugar. If body weight is an issue and high blood sugar is around the corner, then consider losing weight in a reasonable manner. It is highly recommended to lose moderate amounts of body weight of about one to two pounds per week. Anything more than this can cause too much weight to come off and a subsequent weight gain after your weight loss.