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10 Natural Ways To Prevent Diabetes

9. Keep Stress in Check

Stress is bad for the body. Chronic stress can cause illness, disease, and metabolic disorders. In addition, chronic stress releases stress hormones that cause blood sugar to be spiked, blood pressure elevated, and your mind on high alert at all times. Due to these reasons, consider yoga or meditation to help reduce the stress in your life and to prevent the risk of getting diabetes.

10. Sleep
Sleep is our way to naturally heal after a long day. Without sleep, our bodies would shut down and be ridden with disease. In addition, the lack of sleep can cause your body to have elevated blood sugar levels, even among the healthier adults. Some studies suggest that those who sleep less than six hours every day are at a doubled chance of having diabetes. Consider sleeping 7-8 hours of sleep for optimal health and to help reduce the chances of getting diabetes.