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12 Health Benefits of Ginger

9. Reduce your Blood Sugar.

Diabetes is a condition in which there are high amounts of sugar in the blood. This condition, when controlled, may not be a dramatic disease; however, when it is not controlled, your body is at risk for multi organ disease. If you have diabetes and need some help controlling your blood pressure, it is wise to discuss some options with your doctor first. Consider discussing the use of ginger to help control your blood sugar. Recent studies have shown a ten percent reduction in blood sugar levels with the use of just two grams daily. While the use of this spice is typically safe, diabetics need to be cautious as to what goes in the body.

10. Reduce Cancer Risk.

There are many options to help reduce your risk of cancer out there, but ginger is perhaps one of the best you can have to reduce your risk. Cancer can cause a good amount of health problems in your body and if you are looking to reduce the risk of cancer then consider consuming about two grams of fresh ginger daily to gain this valuable health benefit. Some cancers that ginger has been linked to include breast, pancreatic, and ovarian cancers, making this spice important for some of the most common cancers known. While there is no cure for cancer, reducing the risk can be a great start to a healthy future.