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16 Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

13. Aid in Weight Loss.

First thing before getting into the bulk of this; if you are looking to lose weight, a diet that includes proper caloric consumption with fruits and vegetables is recommended with ample physical activity. In addition to diet and physical activity, consuming a little apple cider vinegar can aid in your weight loss journey (not replace the hard work). Apple cider vinegar has been known to help eliminate water retention in the body by causing you to urinate more frequently. Yes the weight you lose will be water weight, but it is still something that is causing you to feel sluggish most likely.

14. Manage Kidney Stones.

There is a chance in your lifetime that you come down with kidney stones. While they are merely calcium deposits that get lodged in your urinary tract, they are known to be potentially painful depending on the size. One of the best ways to treat and manage kidney stones is to consume apple cider vinegar. Not only does the vinegar help vanish the stones, but it also helps to prevent any potential buildup in the future. Consider drinking apple cider vinegar mixed with fresh water to help reduce the risk of getting kidney stones forming in your urinary tract and causing you pain and discomfort.