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8 Common Symptoms of Osteoporosis

vitamin deficiency

5. Vitamin Deficiency

A vitamin D deficiency is extremely common in people who have osteoporosis or generally weak bones. While this is technically a symptom, it’s also a cause. When a person doesn’t get enough vitamin D, it means that their bodies are unable to absorb calcium and use it to grow strong bones. This makes it more likely that a person will have osteoporosis.

Then, when someone has osteoporosis, they are likely to continue with a low intake of vitamin D, possibly as a result of a difficulty moving as quickly as previously. Many people with osteoporosis find that they become less active, which can mean getting out in the sunshine becomes a lot harder.

general joint pain

6. General Joint Pain
General joint pain becomes a huge issue with osteoporosis. A constant dull, throbbing and aching pain in your joints, bones and muscles occur as a result of the bones losing their mass and becoming weaker. The pain appears, and becomes worse, very quickly indeed.

If you begin feeling pain in your muscles and joints and can’t think of a reason why it might be happening, it could well be a result of osteoporosis. If you ignore it, only to find that it goes away and then returns on a regular basis, it’s probably time to get yourself checked up!