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8 Common Symptoms of Osteoporosis


7. You Become Less Active

As mentioned in the vitamin D section, you will become less physically active as a result of osteoporosis. Good bones are great both for your physical and mental health – you’ll be able to run, jump and exercise, going about your daily business pain-free. When that suddenly becomes difficult and you become much less active, you may begin feeling depressed and unhappy. This is a result of not getting the endorphin boosts that it usually does when you exercise.

So, if you’re becoming lethargic and tired, it might actually be a result of deteriorating bone health – so speak to your doctor as soon as possible!

weak fingernails

8. Weak Finger Nails
Finger nails are actually quite strong. Sure, they might seem easy to break, but it’s not typically a common occurrence unless yours are particularly long.

When your nails become fragile and keep snapping for what appears to be no reason, you should begin to think about your diet and health. In some cases, it could be a result of not getting enough vitamins, but if you are eating as healthily as normal, it could well be a result of osteoporosis. Your doctor will perform tests and ask you about your diet, making it quite easy to realize what exactly is causing the problem.