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8 COPD Medical Breakthroughs


3. Nanoparticles

Cancer has been one of the biggest areas of medical research for a while now and one area that cancer has explored is the use of nanoparticles for targeting specific cells. Similarly, COPD trials are looking into this technology to see if this is feasible for individuals with COPD, which would use anti-inflammatory drugs to target specific areas causing inflammation. One of the biggest reasons this is being assessed is because anti-inflammatory medications tend to work on the entire body, which tends to be a not as effective. With a more targeted approach, inflammation can (in theory) be targeted and destroyed with precise accuracy.

cell therapy

4. Mature Cells
There has been much education and research on the effects of stem cells for a variety of conditions. One of which was COPD, but future treatments may look into mature cell therapy rather than the standard stem cell approach. Why is this a viable option over stem cells? The reason may be that stem cells often are an approach for the entire body as a whole, whereas COPD is more specified to the lung tissue. The lungs contain two types of cells, called type 1 and 2 cells. Scientists are looking into type 1 cells in the condition in hopes of finding a better understanding of these tissues. In the disease process, type 2 cells tend to morph into type 1 cells and researchers are interested in finding the opposite to help reverse the condition.