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8 COPD Medical Breakthroughs

smoking cessation

5. Smoking Cessation

As expected with COPD, future treatments will continue to search for ways to help individuals quit smoking when they are diagnosed with the disease. In addition to this line of research and treatment, there will continue to be nation-wide efforts to help stop and prevent every individual from smoking altogether. Whether it be through behavioral programs or through the use of smoking cessation medications, expect to see strong efforts in the future to have everyone be smoke-free and healthy. If you are looking to stop smoking, consider talking with your doctor to get the most up-to-date information that you can get at the moment for your treatment.


6. Medications
One of the most commonly prescribed medications currently in use right now is heart and cholesterol medication. Simvastatin, which is a powerful anti-cholesterol drug, is something that is being prescribed for more and more people and as more research comes out on the dangers of high levels of cholesterol, there is a chance that a large portion of adults will be on this medication. Researchers are looking to see if this particular medication plays a role in managing the symptoms of COPD, which would most likely mean that the makers of this drug are looking to control inflammation. Look for this treatment option in the near future.