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8 COPD Medical Breakthroughs


7. Diet

Diet goes with everything with health it seems and now, research is taking aim at healthy diets and COPD symptoms. Recent studies have shown great promise with the symptoms of COPD and a high fiber diet. While there is more research needed and it is merely on the beginning stages of study, it seems that a high intake of fiber may help to reduce the risk of lung disease (COPD). Recent studies have shown that those who intake higher amounts of fiber are more likely to have better lung functioning, which could result into promising news for individuals with COPD. While an answer has yet to be determined on a high fiber intake, consider increasing your daily fiber for overall better health.


8. Exercise
Where you see diet in research for health and wellness, you are also likely to see exercise right there with it. There are numerous medical studies currently out there on the importance of exercise for individuals with COPD. Usually, this is something that is led by major Universities and some physical therapists, but there is a mad dash to see what benefits can come about a COPD-specific exercise program for the population. Expect to see some exercise programs geared for COPD in the near future either at local gyms or hosted through local hospitals. Consult with your doctor for any information to see if any trials are being held near your area.