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8 Natural Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatments

behavioral therapy

5. Behavioral Therapy

This sounds more intense than it really is, but behavioral therapy simply entails receiving guided counseling from professionals to help shape your logic and mood about certain situations you may be experiencing throughout your journey with rheumatoid arthritis. Many individuals report mood changes with the condition and there are reports of difficult times with the condition, so this is an alternative therapy approach to help encourage your mind. Whether you need to work on stress in your life or simply need someone to help counsel you through some hard times, you should consider seeking the help from a qualified counselor.

hot and cold therapy

6. Hot and Cold Therapy
The body plays many tricks on the brain to send signals of pain and discomfort. One natural way to combat pain throughout the body is to apply heat and cold to affected areas to help fend any pain. Start out by applying heat to the affected area for about ten minutes, allowing the area to become warm (not scolding hot). Follow this up by applying a cold pack (using frozen vegetables, ice packs, or get packs) to the same area and allow this to rest in that spot for about ten minutes. Alternating heat and cold is a great, natural way to help reduce pain and joint discomfort quickly, and it can help you to alleviate tricky aches when needed.