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8 Osteoporosis Treatments & Medications

5. Teriparatide

Teriparatide (or Forteo) is usually only given to either postmenopausal women or men who already have developed extremely low bone density as a result of their osteoporosis. It will also typically be provided to people who have already experienced fractures, or people who have osteoporosis that was caused by steroids. This is a medication that actually helps rebuild bone, as opposed to just prolonging the issue, and help reverse some of the effects of the disease.

More research is being performed into this realm of medication, but Teriparatide is one of the most successful medications our scientists and doctors have been able to develop so far.

6. Annual Injections
Studies dating back to 2007 have suggested that we could soon be using an annual injection to reduce the effect of osteoporosis – and now, we can. The study saw that an annual injection of soledronic acid can actually help reduce the chances of developing hip or spine fractures. The study in fact found that those who took an injection of Reclast saw a 70% reduction of spine fractures, and a 40% reduction of fractures in the hip. The research was performed over three years, and the study continues to this day. In the future, we could be seeing annual injections like this replacing most osteoporosis treatment.