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8 Osteoporosis Treatments & Medications

7. Exercise

Many osteoporosis sufferers will be advised to engage in a certain kind of exercise that will help strengthen their bones. This exercise is essential for healthy bones regardless of your age, but becomes more and more important you get older.

For people with osteoporosis, weight-bearing exercises, like walking up a hill, are really good for your body and bones. Weight lifting is great, too, as this involves your bones and muscles working against gravity. This will allow the bones to continue gaining strength, and it’s ideal for people who are physically unable to engage in exercises like running and swimming. Simply lifting a weight – even weights that aren’t all that heavy – can help the bones become stronger.

8. A Change in Diet
Doctors may also suggest that you make some changes to your diet. Remember that fish, like salmon and tuna, are packed full of vitamin D – a vitamin that is necessary for your bones to make use of calcium. Other foods like cheese, egg yolks, liver and fish liver oils are also packed full of the vitamin.

As well as increasing vitamin D, it’s essential you increase your calcium intake. This means eating more dairy foods (assuming you’re not lactose intolerant), like milk and yogurt. Spinach, broccoli and cabbage are also great sources, along with tofu and sardines.

Make sure you’re giving your body all the resources it needs and it will respond by giving you stronger bones!