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9 Osteoporosis Remedies and Therapies

5. Lose Weight

Carrying unnecessary weight puts extreme pressure on your bones. Remember that your skeletal system holds up body fat, and the more you gain, the more pressure your bones are under to keep you up straight. This pressure plays a part in the curving of the spine, which is a huge part of osteoporosis. This can also damage your posture, causing you to hunch when you’re sat at a desk and eventually, even as you walk.

Losing weight by just doing a little more exercise (even if it’s just walking), and eating less fat, can do wonders for your bones.

6. Cold and Hot Packs
Hot and cold packs applied to your joints can go a long way in reducing pain. This is not so much a solution for osteoporosis, and more of a method of reducing the pain that it causes. Try applying a hot gel pack to your spin, neck or hip – areas that osteoporosis often affects – and holding it there for up to half an hour. Then, apply a cold pack in the same place for up to another half an hour, and you’ll find that the relief is really quite effective.