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9 Popular Treatments for COPD

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Living with COPD can be a difficult task day in and day out. COPD is a condition that affects the lungs and lung tissues, including the airways, and causes difficulty breathing and excessive phlegm. While smoking tends to be one of the biggest risk factors for COPD, there are many reasons as to why someone develops the potentially life threatening condition. Your doctor and pulmonologist will both be a major part of your treatment and care, and while there are many avenues in which you can decide to utilize, finding a good treatment option takes some effort. Listed below are nine treatment options and current medications that can be used in your care for COPD.

Top 9 COPD Treatment and Medications

1. Airway Medications
Part of treating and living with COPD includes a restricted airway, which is not quite the most glorious of feelings. A restricted airway may cause you to wheeze and feel as if you are short of breath quite often. Bronchodilators are a form of medication that is commonly prescribed by doctors for individuals with COPD. Usually, they come in the form of an inhaler and they act to help open the airway so that you can breathe easier. If you notice that you have some labored breathing and have a little wheezing with your everyday activities, consider discussing the option of a bronchodilator with your doctor to see if this medication is right for you and your condition.


2. Corticosteroids
COPD is a condition that tends to come with ample inflammation of the cells and muscles in the lung tissue and when inflammation attacks an organ like this, complications can arise. This is where corticosteroid medications come into play; they act to help reduce inflammation in the body and with COPD, this is a way to help open the airway so that you can get quality air inside. Corticosteroids come in a few different forms, but with COPD, you are likely to see this given as an inhaler as well. When you inhale the mist, it is applied to the lining of your airway, which is beneficial for your breathing.