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9 Popular Treatments for COPD

oxygen therapy

3. Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen plays a critical role in the body and without it, humans cannot survive. The cells in your body thrive off oxygen and physiologically, oxygen is needed to generate energy for cells to function and to live. With that said, COPD is a disease of the lungs that prevents oxygen flow to the cells in the body. When oxygen saturation in the body dips a little below the normal level (90 percent saturation), then oxygen therapy may be required. This is something that may have you wearing a small tube around throughout your day to help feed oxygen to your cells. Your doctor is in charge of prescribing oxygen for your condition and the dosage should be set from your doctor as well.


4. Albuterol
This is another form of bronchodilator medication and it is the most common medication that you can get of this kind. Albuterol acts to open the airway by relaxing the muscles in the airway. Spasms are generally a cause of the narrowing of airways, which is a major reason why air intake is reduced. In order to help fix this or manage it, medications which open the airways play a huge role and they even can elevate quality of life. If you are interested in medication to help open your airway and prevent spasms, consider asking your doctor about this medication to see if it is right for you.