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9 Popular Treatments for COPD

lung transplant

7. Transplant

This form of treatment is not commonly used among individuals with COPD, but it is an option. Lung transplantation is something that occurs when the lung tissue is severely diseased to the point to where life is affected. When this happens, healthy lungs are harvested from an organ donor and donated to the affected person. Lung transplants are currently on the rise in the U.S. and while it seems handy to be able to have a transplant; it is a lifelong treatment that will also be a tough journey. Your doctor will be the one in charge of assisting you with the information that you will need for this treatment option.

healthy diet

8. Healthy Diet
Just how exercise and physical activity is important for healthy living, a healthy diet is vital in the treatment and care for individuals with COPD. With COPD comes a large amount of inflammation to affected tissues in the pulmonary system, which is an indicator of the disease. A healthy diet is vital for the reduction of inflammation in the body and consuming omega-3 rich foods and lean meats is a start. In addition, consuming fresh fruits and vegetables every day helps to regulate inflammation in the body so that you can better manage your symptoms. Discuss healthy eating with your doctor or naturopathic doctor to help line up a healthy eating program for your condition.