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Osteoporosis Research and Future Treatments

3. Odanacatib

Odanaclab is a drug that is currently being developed by Merck, a forward-looking pharmaceutical firm working on more effective osteoporosis treatment. If Odanacatib is approved by the FDA in the future, and it is made available as treatment, it would simply be a weekly pill.

The pill will work by blocking the cathepsin-k enzyme in osteoclasts, breaking down type one collagen that helps the bone regenerate and stay strong. In late 2014, it was announced by Merck that Odanacatib had been successful in phase 3 of its clinical trial, meaning it might not be all that far away.

4. Neuropeptide Y
Neuropeptide Y (NPY) is currently under investigation by researchers and is thought to be one of the most promising future drug therapies. Neuropeptide Y is also alongside biochemical regulators of osteogenesis in our bodies, including insulin-like growth factors (known as IGFs), transforming growth factor betas (TGFs) and bone morphogenetic proteins (known as BMPs). These are considered to be future new therapies that help improve bone density, and not just reduce the rate of bone loss. There are problems with hormone supplements so far, but research is promising.