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Osteoporosis Research and Future Treatments

7. Chrondroitin Supplement

Chrondoitin is already used as a supplement for people who have joint problems, though it is still not accepted by the entire medical community. Studies are being performed to see how chrondroitin sulphate can work with glucosamine to help joint pain which can be caused by osteoporosis.

Studies are being performed to see whether the doctors that do give the supplement an unofficial blessing are actually right. It could be that this supplement will be used along with other medications in the future to help improve bone density and reduce the effect of osteoporosis.

8. Strontium Renelate
Strontium renelate is an anabolic and an antiresoptive, known as a ‘dual action’ medication that can slow down the reduction of minerals in the bone. The medication is being researched right now to see just how effective it can be in replacing bone minerals and helping cure or treat osteoporosis.

The primary concern with this research so far, however, is that the strontium will eventually become a part of the bone mineral itself, and we are unaware so far of any kind of negative effect this can have. We are also aware that the results of DXA scans (which are used to test bone mineral density) can be skewed by the presence of strontium.