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Rheumatoid Arthritis – 8 Future Treatments

oral biologic

5. Oral Biologic Drugs

This future area of research and treatment for rheumatoid arthritis has a potential to be a big player in the disease. Oral biologic drugs are drugs that contain certain proteins that are taken from other living beings (humans, animals, etc.). These drugs have the potential to target certain inflammatory molecules in the body and attack them in a strategic manner. This targeting has the potential to be highly effective in reducing the inflammation, but there is a need for more research on this issue. Researchers and doctors are highly invested in reducing the primary sign of rheumatoid arthritis and when this research is refined and developed, it could lead to great treatment options for those who suffer from the condition.


6. Stimulation
The body is made up of endless vessels and ducts that help to keep the body happy and healthy. The nervous system is one important part of our lives that generally gets overlooked. This system is responsible for sending electrical activity to the brain in order to communicate a message. For individuals with rheumatoid arthritis, this message tends to be pain. This is where future research comes in. Since individuals tend to suffer from pain from arthritis and since it is a matter of controlling inflammation, researchers are looking into nerve stimulation for the alleviation of pain from the chronic disease. The thought process is that by stimulating the vagus nerve, inflammation and pain are better controlled and if this holds true in future studies, pain and inflammation will not stand a chance.