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Rheumatoid Arthritis – 8 Future Treatments

molecular imaging

7. Molecular Imaging

New technology has brought new therapies and treatment options for a number of conditions. One of which is the ability to see inside the body in a more clear manner in order to assess health. For arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, future treatments may include medical imaging methods to observe and measure the progression of the disease. While this is already being utilized to some extent, treatment options may look towards better measurements and treatments in this manner. By viewing the disease from a molecular level, researchers may be able to better target inflammation molecules and to help reduce the symptoms of the debilitating disease.

self help

8. Self-Management Techniques
Sometimes it is easy to follow along with some of the most extraordinary treatments in the pipeline and how the cure is around the corner. However, future areas of interest include self-management techniques to help educate individuals on how, when, where to treat the condition. This will most likely include techniques that can easily be used such as exercise programs, stretching routines, dietary methods, and meditation and deep breathing exercises. Part of the condition involves timing of the symptoms and when the symptoms are better managed, you are more likely to experience a better outcome for that particular period of time.