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Top 10 Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatments

warm bath

9. Warm Bath

As if you needed any more excuses for taking a relaxing, warm bath at night, now you have one. Warm water is a perfect option to help alleviate pain in the body and if you have the luxury of having a nice warm bath regularly, then take it. Consider taking a warm bath either in the morning to start your day or at night to relieve tension and stress to help alleviate some of the pain in your body. Twenty minutes should be sufficient every day to help manage this symptom and make sure not to make the water too warm.

Tai Chi

10. Tai Chi
Yes this is a form of exercise, but because it is not widely known, it gets a category all by itself. Tai chi is a relaxing form of exercise that uses gentle range of motion activities and deep breathing techniques. This form of exercise is ideal for anyone with arthritis and it can help to reduce overall stress. Consider giving tai chi a try and consider finding a class that works best with you. Tai chi is a specialized exercise that incorporates very slow movements and it may not be for everyone so make sure to stick with it a few times before making a choice.